Access is denied. (ExecuteProgram)

Access is denied. (ExecuteProgram)
Application Message ID: 5


The error may be reported when running backups for backup sets configured with VSS option,
or for backup sets protecting System State and Services Database
( the VSS option will be used even if not selected when backing up the system state of computers running Windows Vista/2008 or newer ).
Usually this error comes together with other error messages, like:
- Access is denied. (\\ICBSVR001\ADMIN$\complusbackup\vsscontrolin.dat) (End Snap)
- Access is denied. (Scheduler - "C:\Windows\complusbackup\sfcfiles.exe")


1. Task Scheduler, Remote Registry or Volume Shadow Copy services are disabled / not running on the backup source computer.
2. The user provided when creating the backup set ( or backup set credentials updated later ) doesn't have rights to run the VSS snapshots or to connect to
    the remote Task Scheduler / Remote Registry service on the target machine and start these services if necessary.
3. When the backup set was created or credentials updated one ore more spaces have been mistakenly entered before or after the actual user-name.
4. "Remote Scheduled Task Management" is not enabled in Windows firewall configuration on the backup source computer.
5. In the From field of the backup set credentials screen an invalid domain name is entered or if there are multiple domains a domain name is entered which is not
    trusted with the domain of the source machine.

1. Make sure the Task Scheduler and Remote Registry services are enabled/running and the Volume Shadow Copy service is not disabled on the backup source machine.
2. Ensure the backup set user-name can execute these tasks.
3. Ensure that no spaces before or after the backup set user-name ( In DS-User right click on the problematic backup set > Properties > Share > Connect as, click on '>>' to be able to edit/verify the user-name ).
4. On the backup source computer go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > System and Security >

  • vss, admin$, Access is denied. (ExecuteProgram), Access is denied
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